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Metropolitan House

This project was very close to home for Kit & Caboodle. We were the interior designers behind this rebuild project and watched it grow from the ground up. Our mission was simple yet profound: to turn a vision into a living reality, to breathe life into spaces, and to craft a home that embodies the essence of comfort, style, and functionality.

We reimagined the space, ensuring that it flows seamlessly and optimizes every square inch. The new layout enhances the way you live, work, and interact within your home, fostering a sense of openness and ease.

We hope you love this gorgous rebuild as much as we do! 

    This project was more than just design; it was about creating an environment where life unfolds. Each decision, from paint colors to layout adjustments, was made with the goal of turning the house into a home, a reflection of your personality and aspirations. We meticulously curated a paint palette, featuring the strong green used in the main bedroom and a deep navy in the office to create a beautiful contrast against the off white colour used in the main areas of the house.

    Incorporating antiques was a nod to history and an invitation to embrace the beauty of contrasts. These timeless pieces seamlessly coexist with modern elements, illustrating the art of mixing old and new. 

    We decided to keep the brass joinery consistant throughout the project which created a luxurous feel in all of the rooms. From kitchen cabinets that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to custom wardrobes that maximize space, every detail was considered. From the elevated  subway tile splashback in the kitchen to the intricate basketweave pattern seen in the bathroom, each tile was chosen to elevate the space.